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Business Email Hosting

Features & Benefits of our business class email services:

SmartPhone Friendly Email: Keep your mobile users connected with push technology email for: BlackBerry®, iPhone®, iPad, iPod touch, Android®, and Windows Mobile®, etc.

  ICT Web-Based Email Client

MDaemon - WorldClient - WorldClient Theme

ICT Web-Based Email Client provides easy access to your inbox, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and documents from the office, home, or any location that has Internet connectivity.  WorldClient sends and receives messages from any connected computer, smartphone, or tablet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It runs on computers equipped with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. (the new client interface is coming March 23. 2015)

  • Share and Collaborate
  • Personalize WorldClient
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Automatically Organize Messages
  • Drag and Drop Email Attachments
  • Inline Image Support in HTML Messages
  • Easily Search Folders
  • Public and Private Address Books
  • Calendar with Free/Busy Integration
  • Side-by-Side Calendar View
  • Tasks (To-Do Lists)
  • Share and Manage Documents
  • Contacts and Distribution Lists
  • WebMail for Mobile
  • Email Notification with Instant Messaging
  • Automatic Address Book Synchronization
  • Chat Within WebMail
  • Installing Instant Messaging from WebMail
  • Email Templates
  • Fax Within WebMail
  • Additional Resources

ActiveSync Groupware Mobile

Sync Calendars/Tasks/Contacts/Mail/Notes
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iPhone / iPad®

MDaemon Mail Server - iPhone

IMAP/ActiveSync Setup
WebMail access iPhone/iPad


MDaemon Mail Server - BlackBerry

BlackBerry 10 ActiveSync Setup
WebMail (Web-Based Email)


MDaemon Mail Server - Android

IMAP/ActiveSync Setup
WebMail (Web-Based Email)

Windows Mobile / Windows Phone®

MDaemon Mail Server - Windows Mobile

IMAP/ActiveSync Setup
WebMail (Web-Based Email)

ActiveSync provides the highest level of integration for the latest mobile devices, including iPhone / iPad, BlackBerry 10, Android, and Windows Mobile / Windows Phone. It is also available on most other mobile platforms. ActiveSync also minimizes the amount of data that is sent over the mobile network.

Anti-Spam & Virus Protection: Automatically eliminates 90% of spam and email viruses before they ever reach your inbox, spam is no longer a problem.

Anti-Theft Control: Greatly protects your email accounts from being hacked by automatically locking out the ip address trying to access your email account after multiple failed attempts.

Authenticated SMTP: Authenticated SMTP service for customers to send email from any Internet connection, also solves common problems many people run into including:

  • SMTP services on port 25 being blocked
  • ISP’s not allowing customers to send email using their own domain name
  • Restricted service for ISP customers only
  • SPAM blacklisting

Secure WebMail Access (https://): Secure access to email account(s) to send and receive email, management interface to add/edit/delete accounts through any web browser securely from any Internet connection and/or SmartPhone. Misc. Features: Password Retrieval (In case you forget your password), Auto Responders (holiday messages), Text Filtering (Junk folder), Unlimited Forwarding, Multi-Language, Save copies, etc.