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New ICT WebMail Features and Upgrades

Monday, May 26, 2014

ActiveSync for MDaemon - Shared Folders

The ActiveSync server now supports shared folders, in addition to personal and public folders, for email, cal endar events, contacts, t asks and notes. The new controls allow administrators to enable or disable shared folders for ActiveSync users at the global level, domain level, or account level. The "Inherit" option means the domain or account will use the value that was configured at the global or domain level.

MDaemon - Mobile Device Management - ActiveSync for MDaemon: Shared Folders

WorldClient (Web-Based Email) - New "WorldClient" Theme

A new default theme, called the "WorldClient" theme, has been added. This theme incorporates many popular design elements from consumer and business-based webmail clients to offer more features and a more modern look.

MDaemon - WorldClient - WorldClient Theme
The "WorldClient" and "Lookout" themes now include the ability to display calendars side-by-side for easier viewing. MDaemon - WorldClient - Side-by-Side Calendar View

WorldClient (Web-Based Email) - Inline Image Support in HTML Messages

WorldClient supports adding inline images in composed HTML messages. There are four ways to add an image to a message composed in WorldClient.

  • In the HTML editor, click the Image toolbar button and select the upload tab.
  • In the HTML editor, click on the Add image toolbar button.
  • Drag and drop an image into the HTML editor with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above.
  • Copy and paste an image from the clipboard into the HTML editor with Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above.
MDaemon - WorldClient - Inline Images

WorldClient (Web-Based Email) - Other Updates

  • WorldClient's HTML Compose editor has been updated to a newer version that is compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
  • WorldClient's "Simple" theme has been renamed to "Lite".
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